SanDisk Sansa Connect sneaks into availability

You know, a portable WiFi audio player, complete with internet radio streaming and subscription service compatibility, is nothing to be ashamed of, but for some reason SanDisk isn't quite ready to trumpet its Sansa Connect player's availability, even though a few of 'em have already made it onto Circuit City shelves and that retailer's online store. SanDisk also lists the player on its own online store, but has a bogus description for it, along with a "Sold Out" sticker that seems to imply that either SanDisk hasn't stocked the players yet, or it did and we missed it -- we're guessing the former. We've still got a few unanswered questions about this player, but if SanDisk doesn't fess up before too long, we'll have one in hand to give you the skinny either way.

Read - Sansa Connect at Circuit City's store
Read - Sansa Connect at SanDisk's store