Microsoft drops case against FairUse4WM creator Viodentia

Hey Viodentia, you can come out of hiding now -- we have good news for you and the rest of the DRM-hating world. Microsoft has gone home with its tail between its legs, and very, very quietly dropped their lawsuit against you. (In official terms, they filed a notice of voluntary dismissal of all claims with the Seattle Federal court.) For those not in the know, Microsoft charged Viodentia with "copyright infringement" after they showed the world how easily FairUSE4WM could circumvent its PlaysForSure DRM. Microsoft's reason for dropping the charges? Simply enough: they couldn't find Viodentia. Hey Microsoft, instead of trying to shackle those of us interested in the fair use interoperability of our music, why not redirect your substantial legal resources to negotiate some DRM-free music (and video while you're at it) with the majors? We hear EMI might be interested.

[Thanks, Steven J.]