Retirees plan to take to the skies with flying car

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Retirees plan to take to the skies with flying car
Proving that flying cars are not just a dream for the young, a pair of retirees in their seventies have set out to take themselves airborne in style, pouring their own money and know-how into their self-designed vehicle. As The Dallas Morning News reports, the duo has already invested about $70,000 in the car, dubbed the GT Flyer, and they're now seeking some $1.2 million from investors in order to actually make a prototype that gets off the ground. That will apparently be based around a 232 horsepower engine from a Mazda RX-8, which will drive the vehicle's front wheels when it's in "car mode," and spin the rear-mounted propeller when switched to flight mode, topping out a comfortable cruising speed of 150 mph. As a little added incentive, they're also hoping to enter the car into NASA's Personal Air Vehicle Centennial Challenge, which could net them between $250,000 and $550,000, although we somehow doubt they'd use that to retire.

[Via Gadget Lab and CNET, photo courtesy of The
Dallas Morning News]
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