USB Guitar Hero II controller for 360 works in Windows

We're sure the hackers would've gotten this up and running sooner or later all the same, but it's nice to know they don't have to: the Xbox 360's new Guitar Hero X-plorer controller works with Windows like a charm. Windows XP and Vista recognize the USB guitar right off the bat, and even offer up a controller testing control panel. Setting up the the Frets on Fire Guitar Hero clone is a breeze, and you should be shredding in no time. Unfortunately, Mac support isn't quite there yet -- the X-plorer is recognized when it's plugged in, but not as an input device. Hopefully some friendly hackers will get some drivers up and running before too long, so our Mac-using rock god wannabes can get in on the Frets on Fire action as well, but until then they'll just have to content themselves with that boring old six string stashed in the closet.

[Via Joystiq]