Australians conquer bike safety, forest fires

The Australian Student Design Awards are home to quite a few interesting ideas this year -- along with a few head scratchers and wishful thinking. We're particularly digging this Pulse Bicycle Safety Helmet. The concept features an "Ear Drop" Bluetooth headset on one side of the helmet, leaving your hands free and your traffic-side ear listenin' for danger. You operate the headset with three easy-to-find buttons on the helmet, and the USB Ear Drop can plug into your computer to track your training, along with providing your vital info in case of an accident. There's also a rear headlight for helping cars spot your shiny noggin at night. Other highlights of the Student Awards include the "entile" interlocking edutainment system, a fire tracking UAV for rural fire department use, and the solar powered Ersa water condenser and power generator.

[Via Popgadget]