Long-distance TV broadcasts hit 80 year anniversary

We've already seen broadcast radio cross the century mark, and while 80-year anniversaries aren't exactly the most memorable under normal circumstances, television is certainly not in a normalpredicament. Four score ago, the Indianapolis Star reported that "television, a scientific dream ever since the telephone was perfected, has at last been realized," as an image made its way some 200 miles from Washington, D.C. to Whippany, New Jersey, and then 22 miles by wireless to New York City. 80 years later, OTA broadcasts as we know them are at a turning point, as ATSC signals look to take over for the existing analog flavor, and companies are already chomping at the bit to get in while the getting is good. Furthermore, television as a whole has hastily garnered a newfangled medium in just the past few years, as the internet connected generation can now look to their browser to catch up on recent programming. The not-so-subtle revolutions that have occurred in the world of TV have happened at a breakneck pace, and considering all the luxuries we're starting to enjoy, we doubt things will slow down anytime soon. So here's to 80 years of keeping us pudgy, obliterating our motivation to socialize, and giving mega-corps a means to an end, and if you're interested in just how much has changed in just eight decades of the 'tube, be sure and hit the read link for a comprehensive report.