Field Emission Technologies shows off FED displays

Apparently with a little help from scientists from the future, Sony spin-off Field Emission Technologies has introduced its first displays based on Field Emission Display (or FED) technology, similar in many respects to the slightly more common SED technology. Unlike most SED sets, however, Field Emission Technologies seems to be keeping its displays relatively small initially, with the first model coming in at a mere 19.2-inches. Opting for that that one will give you a 1,280 x 960 resolution, along with a brightness of 400cd/m2 and, most impressively, a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. According to the company, future displays could come as large as 30 inches, and boast a full 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. While there's no word on prices just yet, we wouldn't expect 'em to come cheap, as they're apparently intended strictly for professional use.