China imposes anti-addiction limits on kids' gaming

China's estimated 18 million underage online gamers better enjoy their unfettered play time while they can. State news agency Xinhua is reporting on Chinese government restrictions that will limit internet gaming for minors starting July 15. The reasoning behind the limits? A National Children's Center report that claims 13 percent of those young Chinese gamers -- over 2 million players -- are addicted to online games. Apparently, in this case, the good of the few outweighs the freedom of the many.

Reportedly, minors who spend more then three hours a day in-game will lose half their "earned credits" -- five hours of gaming a day will lose kids all their credits. Possibly more chillingly, all online gamers will be required to provide their government ID number to confirm that they're over 18. That's right -- Big Brother is watching you play games.

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[Via Next Gen]