iRobot launches Verro poolbots

Robots and pools aren't always so very chummy, but iRobot's new Verro 600 (pictured) and Verro 300 pool cleaning bots are all about the water, and should be able to beat the pants (or hose, if you will) off of any standard pool vacuum. These aren't the first robotic pool vacs we've seen, Aqua Products had the Aquabot T2 a ways back, and in fact iRobot has teamed with Aqua Products to build these new Verro bots. Both Verro models clean the entire pool "from floor to waterline" in 60 to 90 minutes, using iRobot's patented AI and some fancy vacuum, jets, brushes and filtration systems. The $799 Verro 300 is designed for gunite or concrete surfaces, while the $1,199 Verro 600 does up vinyl, tile and fiberglass pools. Both are available now.