PSM brings DMC4 preview; gets cheap

As many of you are already familiar, PSM has scored a huge 16-page exclusive on Devil May Cry 4 in their latest issue (in newsstands today). Their preview of the multi-platform action game has us yearning for more: "It's safe to say that the generational leap in hardware has not caused the series to lose sight of what it is: pure, all-out, unforgiving action ... Many mainstays from the series, including colored orbs, air juggling, and the Euro-gothic aesthetic remain intact- only everything is rendered in eye-blistering high-definition at a locked 60 frames per second."

While current subscribers are enjoying the dreamy pictures of Nero fighting demon hordes, the vigilant deal-watching group CAG has unearthed a fantastic deal for new subscriptions. 12 issues of PSM are now available for $5 at, after instant rebate. While new subscribers are unlikely to receive the latest DMC4 blowout, one Lincoln is still a great deal for something to read when you absolutely have no access to PS3 Fanboy.