Sony's VAIO F, N, and L updated for spring

Nothing signals the onset of spring quite like a VAIO in bloom. So take a whiff of these seasonal updates from Sony. The all-in-one, media savy Vaio L (pictured) kicks things off. The 15.4-inch L-series receives a new aqua coat of paint and meager Celeron M processor jump from 1.73GHz to 1.86GHz. The 19-inch variety also received an update bonus with AVCHD recording off its internal Blu-ray Disc drive direct to a slightly hunkier 320GB disk. The updated 15.4-inch Vaio F series meanwhile, features a faster 1.66Gz T5500 Core 2 Duo processor and bigger 100GB disk. Last and most certainly, least comes the Vaio N fashion laptop which takes a 20GB bump in disk size (now 100GB) while remaining true to its Celeron M 430 and Intel 943GML Express graphics underpinnings. All hit Japan starting April 21st.

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