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Spidey-inspired Spi-Dog wags to your iPod

If you're looking for the perfect way out of getting a real canine in your life, or you're simply one of "those people" who just have to have every single I-Animal that gets loose from the farm, we've got yet another option to add to the fray. The Spi-Dog touts a Spider-Man-inspired motif, as the ominous eyes and perked ears let you know that this crime-fighter means business, but alas, the diminutive 4.75- x 3.25- x 5-inch size, light-up face, wagging motions, and blinking LEDs make this fella quite the softy. Per usual, this I-Dog flashes and busts a move whenever exposed to music, touts a "built-in speaker for playing your iPod" (or any other DAP / PMP), and is available now for the fanboys and Spidey freaks alike for $39.95.

[Via iLounge]