Nintendo gives Letterman DS, Brain Age for his 60th; top 10 reasons he needs it

In honor of David Letterman's 60th birthday -- and for a little bit of cheap PR, of course -- Nintendo sent him a cute little gift pack, not dissimilar to the one they sent President Bush recently, including a couple of DS Lites and some copies of Brain Age to take care of that aging gray matter of his. Here are our top 10 reasons why Letterman needs this package, other than the obvious one: he doesn't.

  1. Saw Leno in line getting a PSP, knew he had to take action.

  2. Heard he could get Miyamoto on the show; has no idea what that is.

  3. There's a DS port of "Will it Float" on the way.

  4. Got a great deal on some stolen games from the dude outside Hello Deli.

  5. Been doing standup so long he forgot simple arithmetic.

  6. Because he couldn't figure out how to do any stupid pet tricks in Nintendogs.

  7. He's always wanted to make his cranium as veiny and muscular as Paul Shaffer's.

  8. He's got a three year old who probably pwns him at video games.

  9. It will hopefully knock off twenty years, to when he used to be funny.

  10. He needs all the juice he can get to think up these stupid top 10 lists.

Peep Nintendo's letter to Dave after the break.

[Via Joystiq]