Will it Return?: Best Buy refuses to exchange blended camcorder

You gotta hand it to those sadistic bastards from Will it Blend?: not only have they struck viral marketing gold by playing to our innermost voyeurs, they clearly have a wicked sense of humor, as evidenced by their futile attempt to return the completely obliterated camcorder that got sacrificed in the last segment. Luckily for us, Team Blendtec decided to secretly tape their exploits (video after the break), and while the salesdrones do seem slightly shocked at the product and ridiculous story that goes along with it, they certainly do Best Buy proud by keeping their cool during a clearly provocative encounter. There's also a lesson to be learned here: not only does the regular manufacturer's warranty (and the BB return policy) laugh in the face of such situations, if you thought that the flimsy "extended service contract" you bought covers gadgets in powdered form, well sir, you'd be out of luck.

[Thanks, El_Capitan]