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eMachines updates line with new desktops, displays

eMachines has a new range of desktop machines and displays for you this weekend with the T3612, T5008, and T5226 coming in with the usual mix of low- to mid-range specifications. At the core of the range is a selection of Intel Pentium processors, ranging from the Celeron D 360 in the T3612 up to the dual core Intel Pentium D 925 processor running at 3GHz in the T5226. The rest of the specs are relatively standard with memory configurations bottoming at 512MB and topping out at 1GB, yucky Intel 950 GMA "graphics cards" in the entire range, a 120-250GB SATA Hard Disk Drives, and all format DVD writer drives, and 15-in-one memory card readers rounding out the rest of the specs. All of these machines run Vista Home Premium, and the top end machine will cost you one cent short of $500 with the lower end T3612 and T5008 priced at $349 and $399 respectively. Expect to see these flogged to bewildered customers everywhere from today. eMachines is also making available a 19-inch widescreen LCD for $209.99 and a 17-inch model for $179.99, although they didn't elaborate on precise details.

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