Epic talks post update roadie run

With the release of the latest Gears of War auto update we mentioned that the roadie run has changed and, in some people's eyes, for the worse. Rod Fergusson, Gears' producer, hopped on Epic's forums to clear up the roadie run rumors and explain how the new system works. According to Fergusson, the new roadie running looks at player's intent and whichever way the movement thumbstick is pointed is where the game will look for cover. Now, when running around an object to the right, it will pull you into cover at the right. He says "that they've tested this method extensively for weeks and really felt that it was a solid improvement" and that they've "received numerous emails and forum posts from people who really like the new system". Right ... Anyway, Rod acknowledged that everyone doesn't like the current roadie run system (really?) and that they will be creating a new version that is based on both the old and new.

But here's a thought. How about just not allow going into cover when roadie running? Then there will be no more unwanted sticking and to get into cover simply release the A button and tap A again ... genius! So, if you don't like the new roadie run system because you keep sticking to everything or even if you've fallen in love with it, change will be coming in the next update. Whenever that occurs ...