Belkin's 802.11n Network USB Hub provides wireless access to accessories

Belkin's well-versed in both the 802.11n and wireless hub arena, so it's about time the firm's engineers put one and one together and cranked out a Network USB Hub. The all black device looks awfully similar to another newfangled 802.11n device floating around, but does manage to take its WiFi abilities to another level by adding in five USB 2.0 ports (two in the front, a trio in the back) so consumers can attach their DAPs, PMPs, iPods, printers, heating devices external storage, and whatever else they feel like accessing remotely. Essentially, the Linux-based device will purportedly allow users to access the connected peripherals sans wires thanks to a software suite that will come bundled in, and for those wondering about a release date, a Windows-compatible version should hit US shelves around June for $130, while UK / OS X users must wait a few extra months to get in on the fun.