Michigan Dems deny iPod initiative, pledge to repay Apple junket

In the only politically responsible move when your party is the focus of national media attention because of a ridiculous budget proposal, Michigan state Democrats have denied that they ever planned to suggest funding an iPod for every student, and also pledged to repay Apple for that controversial "fact-finding trip" where lawmakers are suspected of hatching the supposed initiative. Representative Tim Melton spoke for the three jet setters when he claimed that this whole ordeal has been blown out of proportion, arguing that Dems were actually considering a wide-ranging $38 million technology package, and not just a DAP giveaway. So in the end -- other than bemused readers -- no one seems to have come out a winner here: Melton and his cronies will have to shell out $1,702 each for the Cupertino junket, Michigan kids statewide will have to return all of the iPod accessories they've been buying to prep for their freebies, and worst of all, Apple won't be able to realize its ultimate dream of locking an entire state's children into the iTunes ecosystem for life.

[Via The Raw Feed, photo courtesy of Anti iPod]