Netflix hire reveals "Internet TV" division: downloads coming to living room

We're still not so sure how this newfangled "internets" thing is going to work out, but Netflix seems enamored with the technology, and has set up a whole Internet TV division to push movies and TV shows over that series of tubes. Today Netflix appointed ReplayTV founder Anthony Wood to the VP position of the group, whose "invented the DVR, founded Roku" and "good written and verbal communication" resume items make him a natural choice for freeing those media downloads from PC shackles to make the trek into the living room and onto your television. "The company has taken the first step -- and an innovative one -- in offering online video to its members," said Mr. Wood, "and I'm here to work with a range of partners to get that video to the television, where consumers watch most of their movies." We knew Netflix had a good bit of this stuff in the works, but it's nice to see 'em come clean and take a proactive stance on this, especially since this war for PC-to-living room supremacy is sure to be a bloody one.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]