WWDC Jobsnote to run three hours?

As the days grow longer and Mother Nature finishes shaking off the last remnants of a cold, dark winter, a young man's fancy naturally turns to Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference starting June 11th, and if a recent update to the gathering's official site proves accurate, this year's keynote is gonna be a doozy. Apple Insider points out that the newly-posted WWDC schedule shows a three-hour chunk of time blocked out for the Monday morning Jobsnote -- a mighty feat even for such a seasoned public speaker -- which could indicate an unusually long speech filled with Leopard revelations, shiny new toys, and lots of "un-be-lievables." Still, no matter what goes down, the main takeaway here is that we may be in for three straight hours of liveblogging. Have fun, Ryan!

[Via Apple Insider]

Update: Apple called to let us know that there was a typo on the schedule page, and the keynote is actually 10-11:30AM -- so an hour and a half, not three hours. Somewhere Ryan just let out a huge sigh of relief. (Apple also mentioned Jobs wasn't guaranteed to present, but c'mon, he wouldn't really hold out on us like that, would he?)