Xbox 360 Laptop mk2

Benjamin Heckendorn
B. Heckendorn|04.17.07

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Xbox 360 Laptop mk2

Behold, the Xbox 360 Laptop mk2! It may look a bit like its first generation sibling, but don't be fooled. This Xbox laptop is a bit thinner, significantly lighter, and has some essential upgrades if you're gonna build one yourself. You are going to build one, aren't you? Because that's the best part about it -- we're going to show you how to make one of your own in the coming weeks with a three part How-To series. We'll describe, in detail, the steps necessary to fab an Xbox laptop, and if you're extra nice we'll even provide some original technical files and drawings. But play before work -- check out the photos (below) and videos (after the break) of the Xbox 360 Laptop mk2!


Wondering why there's no pictures of the insides of this thing? Well that's because we're saving them for the three part How-To making-of, naturally. You'll get a behind-the-scenes tour of the construction of this device, along with diagrams, tech specs, and even the original design and art files. We'll also cover LCD screen hacking as well and many of the finer details about this project that aren't readily apparent by the glamor shots we took. Stay tuned!

Demo videos of this unit for your viewing pleasure (PS3 fanboys be warned):

[MP4] Download in QVGA
[MP4] Download in VGA
[MPG] Download in VGA (MPEG-2)
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