LG and Prada present potential retailers with long list of demands

It's encouraging to see LG and Prada upholding the stereotype of the haute couture fashionista by providing potential LG Prada phone retailers with a hysterical list of "retail space" demands. In order to be deemed worthy, retailers apparently need to submit both indoor and outdoor shots of the store and follow an eleven-page document (supplied by LG and Prada, naturally) to the letter to ensure that all is laid out to spec. Said document details the 17 "LG Prada Phone" commandments (calling it the "LG Prada phone" is actually one of them) including details about font sizes in your signage and background color -- "black (preferably), white, or 60-70% black (grey)". We love this attention to minutiae and are really hoping LG will have an elite group of Prada Phone Police wearing severe leather outfits ready to hand out citations to any careless shopkeeper.