Microsoft patent app reveals potential Zune phone interface

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Sean Cooper
April 18, 2007 4:47 PM
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Microsoft patent app reveals potential Zune phone interface
It seems everybody is doing it (well, at least Apple): sprinkle a bit of cellular radio in your DAP and presto, you're equipped with a replacement for your cellphone that likely already had those features albeit with a bit less storage space. Microsoft's patent application -- filed June 16th of last year -- is for a dynamic tiled interface for "improved user interface for mobile devices such as smartphones" and "personal digital assistants." The pic shows pretty much all the things you would expect on a PDA (but where is the dialer icon?) including music, weather tools, browser, flying saucer control (or is that a ship?), and, of course, a doggy. We kinda dig the concept of a tiled interface -- and who knows, if true, this may just give the Zune a better whack at the oncoming iPhone behemoth.

[Via Mad4MobilePhones]
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