Saitek's sexy Obsidian mouse incorporates touch-sensitive scroll

If you've found yourself pacing in tense anticipation for Apple's touch-sensitive mousing device, Saitek's latest could definitely calm your nerves and satisfy your desires simultaneously. The sexy Obsidian mouse touts a 1,000 DPI optical tracker, four-way touch-sensitive scroll, a bundled recharge cradle with wireless transmitter, five total buttons, support for Windows / OS X systems, Teflon feet, and best of all, it even includes a pair of Li-ion batteries to keep you mousing all through the night. Additionally, the curvaceous critter doesn't play favorites with dominant hands, as both righties and southpaws alike shouldn't have any qualms handling this one. Currently, the Obsidian is available now for £39.99 ($80) for our pals across the lake, but if you'll just be patient, the device is slated to land on US soil for a mere $49.95 real soon.

[Via I4U]