Robotic falcons poised to shoo away obese pigeons

While San Franciscans (and birdwatchers around the globe) enjoy the beauty of the Sutro Forest through a new MMO, British chaps are figuring out a way to rid a city of an apparent "obese pigeon" quandary. In order to shoo away the unsightly animals, a Scottish firm has delivered Robops to sit atop Liverpool rooftops and "flap their wings and squawk loudly to scare the problem pigeons away." Reportedly, the solution was crafted after officials (and citizens) grew tired of the increasingly nauseating droppings and incessant badgering for food. Proponents of the plan are hoping that the newly disturbed pigeons will find their way to parks and green pastures where their diet will be more balanced, but critics are suggesting that pigeons will "soon realize that these mechanical things are not a threat," effectively rendering the project useless after a short while.