Samsung's SCH-B710 with picture-in-picture DMB

Picture-in-picture functionality on a phone is certainly not without precedent -- on Korean handsets, anyway -- but that doesn't mean we have to understand it. Watching even a single show on screen the size of a thumb remains a tough sell in many parts of the world, let alone two shows side by side. Alas, this game plan must be working out alright for LG and Samsung since they keep pumping out handsets that rock the feature. Latest is the SCH-B710 from Samsung, a rather portly-looking pivot phone with a pair of DMB tuners and the aforementioned picture-in-picture functionality for individuals afflicted with particularly brutal forms of ADD. Thanks to Anycall branding, we know this one'll stay well within Korean borders, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the form factor head elsewhere by a different model number.