Yamada stuffs seven-inch LCD into HTV-200XU boombox

Cramming Bluetooth, iPod capabilities, or even entirely too many speakers into a boombox are all fair game, but Yamada's latest rendition manages to include a seven-inch LCD for an all-in-one home threatre for the studio apartment set. Sure, we've seen LCDs big and small within sound systems before, but this media-centric conglomerate actually takes the video side of its duties quite seriously; you'll find support for DVB-T, DivX, DVDs, and MPEG4 movie files, while it even provides for a 5.1 output to cap off the "theater going experience." Additionally, the system purportedly hooks up to your TV if the built-in screen begins to hurt your retinas, rips your CDs, and also plays nice with MP3s, JPEGs, and FM radio when your video collection runs dry. The system itself reportedly packs 30-watts of RMS power, connects to your PC via USB, and will set you back around €220 ($300).

[Via CNET]