Kohjinsha's SA1F00V adds touchscreen -- still less than $1k

So you liked Kohjinsha's sub-$1,000 SA1F00 ultra-ultra portable, eh? But man, if only it packed a touchscreen. We hear ya brother, we hear ya. Check it, Kohjinsha just announced the SA1F00V which not only adds a 100GB disk option (up from 80GB) but also slams in a touch-sensitive 7-inch panel for use with its built-in stylus or your conveniently built-in finger. Other than a slight increase in heft to 990-grams (2.2-pounds) and wee jump in MSRP to ¥99,800 ($843), the rest of the specs, including the 5-hour battery, remain unchanged. Yeah, same 500MHz Geode LX800 too which is quickly aging next to the latest class of UMPCs, MIDs, and mobile Intel procs. Still, if you want über portability on the cheap then this is about as good as it gets in this price range.