George Foreman busts out the iGrill... for reals

The clever folks at ThinkGeek may have beaten him to the punch with their April Fool's Day edition iGrill, but it seems that George Foreman isn't one to let a good branding go unused, trotting out his own iGrill that's very, very real. Unlike TG's USB-powered faux device, however, Foreman's iGrill is a full-fledged indoor/outdoor BBQ, with a 200 square inch nonstick grilling surface and an adjustable temperature control probe. Garnering it the "i" designation is the BBQ's integrated 10W speaker system and USB port/dock, which will accommodate your iPod or other MP3 player to let you pump out some tunes as you grill. If that sounds like your idea of an "instant party," you can get your iGrill now right for $150 from the leanest, meanest store around, Linens N Things.

[Thanks, Galley]