SanDisk's Sansa Express takes its turn, gets reviewed

It's no secret that the Sansa lineup of music players have fared pretty well in crunch time, and according to a glowing PCMag writeup, the diminutive (and simply titled) 1GB Express is no different. While it's difficult not to draw obvious connections between this pack 'o gum sized DAP and Apple's first-generation Shuffle, the built-in OLED alone gives it a serious edge. Additionally, reviewers raved over the included niceties (you know, the FM tuner, voice recorder, and microSD expansion slot) that aren't usually found on bottom-end players. Both the clean menu navigation and pocket-friendly size were also commended, and while the "crappy earbuds," unsurprising lack of an AC adapter, and "a modest 14 hours of battery life" were looked down upon, that still wasn't enough to stop the crew from handing out a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

[Via ChipChick]