Team Osaka shows off RoboCup entrants

This year's RoboCup is still a few months away but entrants are already getting a chance to size up some of the competition, with Team Osaka unveiling its roster of players this week in Japan. As you can see in the videos on the site linked below, the bots are definitely built to impress, able to make diving saves and kick the ball better than many of their human counterparts, although they don't appear to have quite mastered the head-butt just yet. From the looks of it, the VisiON 4G robot will make up the majority of the team, with the larger Vstone810 bot apparently playing the role of enforcer. The bots aren't spending all their time on the pitch, however, with them also available to do your bidding at a cost of ¥1,000,000 or more (over $8,300) for the VisiON 4G and "several million" Yen for the Vstone810.

[Via Impress]