British gov't to hit up Apple, Sony for crime-resistant gadgets

Here's a new angle on curbing the thievery that's spiked England's petty crime rates up in recent years: don't try to solve society's ills with progressive social programs to make sure youth get and stay on the right track; or ensure greater levels of police protection; just make sure companies like Apple and Sony build anti-theft countermeasures into their gadgets. At least that's the plan backed British Home Secretary John Reid, who is calling for a summit to develop innovative new methods to keep thugs from swiping shiny new toys from the hard-working hands of legit buyers. We're sure Apple and Sony can both come up with some interesting new shutdown / lockoff / phone-home features (that might also compromise end-user privacy), but nothin' says lovin' like bureaucrats solving society's ills by trying their hands at consumer electronics design.