HP cooking Santa Rosa into Compaq 6510b and 6710b laptops

We've already seen the AMD versions of HP's new Compaq business laptops, the 6515b and 6715b, but now, thanks to a couple of leaked maintenance manuals, we've got word of Intel Santa Rosa versions of those two models: the 6510b and 6710b. Just like their AMD brethren, both models come with a WWAN option, and the main difference between the two is the 14.1-inch WXGA screen in the 6510b and 15.4-inch WXGA or WSXGA+ screens in the 6710b. Processors range from the 1.8GHz T7100 to the 2.4GHz T7700, and both stick to Intel GM965 integrated graphics. Both laptops can be specced pretty much any way you can imagine, and can come with anything from Vista Business to SuSe Linux pre-installed. No word on price or availability, but with all sorts of Santa Rosa-tops getting ready to launch, it shouldn't be much longer of a wait.

[Via Notebook Italia]

Read - HP Compaq 6510b manual (Warning: PDF link)
Read - HP Compaq 6710b manual (Warning: PDF link)