Revenge of the crackBook

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Revenge of the crackBook

Just when you thought you'd seen the end of MacBook quality problems -- hey, what more could go wrong, right? -- here comes another structural integrity snafu to put a nice bow on things. An unfortunate flickr group has formed around gathering evidence of a rather uniform cracking at the edge of the MacBook's hand rest area, which is apparently putting a crimp in the style of a good collection of MacBook users, including a particularly heavy-palmed user (actually, some people are blaming it on an overly strong magnetic latch) whose MacBook cracked again a mere two weeks after being repaired. No precise word on whether Apple is feeling generous with repairs here, but a few anecdotal reports make it sound like Apple isn't buying claims of it being a problem with build quality. We can understand a bit of skepticism, but given the fact that this isn't the first time cracking has appeared, we would hope Apple fesses up and fixes these things right quick.

[Thanks, Elvis]

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