Apple issues fix for recently discovered QuickTime flaw

Just over a week after a dubious duo found a way to commandeer a Mac thanks to an elusive flaw in QuickTime (of all things), Apple's security police have purportedly fixed the flaw and issued an update. Apparently, the hole could be "exploited through a rigged website and let an attacker control computers running both Mac OS X and Windows," and the firm elaborated by stating that a "maliciously crafted Java applet could lead to arbitrary code execution" if users didn't apply the patch. The newest version of QuickTime now sits at 7.1.6, and reportedly "repairs the problem by performing additional checking," and interestingly enough, Apple seemingly tipped its hat to Dino Dai Zovi and the TippingPoint Zero Day Initiative for reporting the issue. So make sure you fire up that Software Update today if you haven't already -- a presumably small bundle of downloadable joy should be waiting.