Clearwire gets FCC nod to release WiMAX-class laptop card

Things are lookin' up in the WiMAX arena, as the oft stubborn FCC has reportedly given a green light to Clearwire to produce "the first WiMAX-class laptop card to connect to the Clearwire network." Of course, we've seen pre-WiMAX cards hit other continents and witnessed quite a bit of high talkin' at 3GSM, but now that the Commission has granted its final approval on this iteration, it won't be long before users here in the US can test things out. In an attempt to deliver "true wireless broadband with a device that facilitates even greater portability than the firm's existing modem permits," the forthcoming PCMCIA Type II card will utilize Motorola's Expedience wireless access system, but unfortunately only seems to play nice with Windows XP and Vista for now. Still, folks within a Clearwire service area should really start saving those pennies, as the currently unpriced card should be landing sometime "during the second half of this year."

[Via TGDaily]