No original Halo pistol in Halo 3

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|05.02.07

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No original Halo pistol in Halo 3
Yesterday, we reported on the updated website and its new info including confirmation that the original M6D pistol (with 2x scope) from Halo would make an appearance in Halo 3. But now we're finding out that this isn't really true at all. You see, is run by the corporate guys over at Microsoft and they got a few weapon details wrong. Frankie from Bungie jumped all around the internets to clarify this little pistol confusion stating that there will be a pistol in Halo 3, but not Halo's M6D. The Halo 3 pistol is called the M6G and will NOT include any scope. Sorry guys, it was just a little pistol mixup on Nothing to see here, so just move along and stay calm.
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