Survey: two-thirds say "no thanks" to iPhone

iPhone buzz may be at a strong, rolling boil at this point, but a recent survey suggests that the tabloid-like attention the device has been enjoying may not translate to sales at Apple and AT&T counters come next month. The poll of 1,300 individuals responsible for their own bills uncovered that while 77 percent had heard of the iPhone (wow, only 77 percent?) and 41 percent had a "good impression" of it, a full two-thirds of respondents indicated that there was no chance they'd buy one -- and only 6 percent said they'd pick one up. 6 percent seems like a dismal number at first glance, but the survey firm astutely notes that even at the very peak of its popularity, the now-ubiquitous Motorola RAZR only achieved 6 percent market penetration. So yeah, theoretically, if 6 percent of the American bill-paying populace actually buys an iPhone next month, we officially have the next RAZR on our hands. Way to put a damper on things, eh?