Creative shuffles out tiny Zen Stone

Evan Blass
E. Blass|05.03.07

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Creative shuffles out tiny Zen Stone

We know that it's a bit tired to compare every single new DAP that hits the market to one of Apple's babies, but one look at the screenless, postage-stamp-sized Zen Stone is all it takes to discover where Creative got the design inspiration for its latest player. At 18.3 grams, the Stone is slightly heavier than the 2G shuffle -- it seems Creative was more concerned with keeping prices low than weight down, as the 1GB, clip-equipped player will retail for just $40 when it hits shelves on the 14th. Different colors and skins allow for some degree of personalization, and the claimed 10-hour battery life should help you get through most of the 250 or so songs you'll be able to store on the non-expandable memory. Doesn't look like we've got an iPod-killer here, but with accessories such as the TravelSound Zen Stone dock going for only 40 bucks as well, Creative's latest "me-too" will likely fall into a comfortable niche.


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