Intel touts 20x less power-hungry UMPCs, lays out processor roadmap

While we already have a pretty good idea of Intel's near-term processor plans, the company has now decided to give folks a glimpse a bit further into the future, laying out some its processor plans through the year 2010 at its spring analyst meeting this week. Among the more notable boastings by the company is a promised 20x reduction in UMPCs' power consumption by 2009-2010. That'll supposedly be made possible by its new "Moorestown" system on a chip, which is set to replace its still-to-be-released Menlow system. In addition to the lower power consumption, Moorestown also promises to reduce thermals by 9x and cut the actual size by the same amount. As for the rest of its roadmap, Intel is continuing to talk up its 45-nanometer manufacturing process, with the first such chip (code-named Penryn) still on track to ship this year. Don't get too used to those 45nm chips though, as Intel's says it's planning to release its first 32-nanometer chip, a Nehalem-based processor dubbed "Westmere," sometime in 2009.

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