Microsoft shows off DigiDesk workstation of the future

Everyone's got their own idea about how we're gonna get our work done in the future, and except for the camp that envisions us toiling away in the silicon mines for our robotic overlords, most of these concepts seem to have converged around a few of the same elements. Well Microsoft was showing off its Center for Information Work's take on the ideal workstation at Convergence 07, and the so-called DigiDesk does indeed incorporate many features we've seen before, including a multi-touch display (we know, we know), document digitizer, speech recognition engine, and ability to resize objects on the fly a la Jeff Han's famous TED presentation. Of course Redmond conveniently neglected to tell us when we can expect to to find the DigiDesk at our local Office Depot, meaning that like most of these neat-o concepts, a YouTube vid (after the break) is probably the closest you're gonna get to this tech for a long time.