Nuke detectors could eventually reside in your cellphone

Just in case fixed sensors all across the country, bomb-sniffing bees, and Bay Area nuke detectors weren't enough to make you rest easy, Homeland Security is cookin' up another safeguard at the expense of privacy. Reportedly, the Department is looking into the idea of "outfitting cellphones with tiny, sensitive detectors that would alert the government and emergency responders to the presence of radiological isotopes, toxic chemicals, and deadly biological agents." Essentially, future mobiles could come pre-loaded with such a device that continuously monitors said chemicals and sends off alerts via GPS if anything goes awry. Of course, officials are expecting "quite a few hurdles" along the way, one of which will be battling the privacy advocates who don't understand that their handset probably already contains the technology for Big Brother to see everywhere they go. No word on when these plans could take effect, nor whether older phones will be retrofitted with the toxic sensors, but we can already envision quite a few false alarms care of the cellphone-totin' chemists in the crowd.

[Via Textually]