Packard Bell's Compasseo 810 and 830 GPS units

If you've seen one decently specced 4-inch personal navigation device with RDS/TMC for live traffic info and minor PMP features, you've seen 'em all -- or more specifically, you're looking at the Compasseo 810 or 830 from Packard Bell. The GPS device features a 480 x 272 screen, 400MHz Samsung processor and 64MB of RAM. There's room to grow with an SD card slot, and Outlook contacts syncing, and if you're after some media, the unit supports MP3, AVI, WMV and MP4. The 810 comes with 1GB worth of maps on an SD card, and TMC Live traffic info, while the 830 does 2GB of SD and offers up expanded TMC Live Plus info. You can grab the 810 for 299€ in May ($406 US) or wait for the 830 to hit in June for 449€ ($610 US).

[Via NaviGadget]