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Schools ditching laptop programs en masse

We know deans, principals, and presidents -- it sounded like such a terrific idea at the time, eh? Apparently, the notion that throwing a portal into the world laptop in front of easily distracted and technologically savvy kids doesn't look so rosy anymore, as the NYTimes is reporting that many schools across America are finally ditching one-to-one laptop programs after seeing "literally no evidence it had any impact on student achievement." Of course, a good deal of teachers already had beef with the idea, and schools have subsequently found out that allowing DAPs or even WiFi in a supposed learning environment just might cause more harm than good, but in a particular New York high school, students tended to "crash the network" during study hall rather than actually complete work. Interestingly, studies also insinuated that in-class laptops proved more of a hindrance than a learning liaison regardless if the school was considered affluent or low-income. And these overseas officials really think its youngsters are going to utilize the OLPC for learning purposes. Right on.