The Pacemaker: 'world's first' pocket-size pro DJ system

Watch out NuMark, 'cause there's about to be a new product on the scene to challenge your iDJ line of mixers -- and not only does this one rock 120GB of internal storage to obviate the need for a pair of iPods, it's actually small enough to fit in your pocket. The upcoming Pacemaker from European start-up Tonicum -- set to be unveiled tomorrow -- promises to contain all the necessary features for bringing your mixing skills on the road, including a crossfader, dual 3.5-millimeter stereo jacks, direct-to-hard drive recording, and a multifunction touchpad for adjusting bend and pitch, among others. No bells or whistles like an FM tuner or color screen on this patent-pending player, but with both Mac and Windows support, we have a feeling that the Pacemaker is going to develop a small but dedicated following. Check out some more angles as well as an annotated diagram in the gallery below...