Chevy Volt heads into GM's production pipeline

Those of you as taken with GM's Chevy Volt concept vehicle as we are may want to take a minute to reconsider any impending car purchases, as the car is now officially headed into production -- in two different versions no less. According to Autoblog, that could put the car on track for a roll out in 2010, although GM isn't quite ready to get that specific. In addition to the plug-in gasoline model we saw earlier this year, the other version GM is working on is a fuel cell model, although it'll apparently be too expensive for volume production (diesel and ethanol-powered versions could also be headed to select markets). The plug-in gasoline version takes the rather ingenious route of using the gasoline engine to power a generator, which charges the car's batteries, which in turn powers the car itself (you can also simply plug it in overnight to charge the battery). That supposedly translates to a gasoline savings of about 500 gallons per year for the average commuter, not to mention a signification reduction in CO2 emissions. While there's no word yet on what it might cost, GM has reportedly said that it's willing to lose money initially in order to get the car produced and sold, which could certainly be a good sign.