LG announces Santa Rosa lineup

The first Santa Rosa laptops are appearing at a frenzied pace these days, but unlike the leaked models we've seen from other manufacturers, LG has decided to go official with five upcoming X-Notes based on Intel's new chipset. Ranging from 12.1-inches (R200) to 15.4-inches (R500 and E500), these new units all come equipped with Core 2 Duo processors, between 1GB and 2GB of RAM, pleasantly non-integrated graphics from either NVIDIA or ATI, between 120GB and 160GB of storage space, and -- for every model other than the E500 -- high-speed 802.11n WiFi. Looks like these Vista-powered machines are available immediately, though as you probably expected, only LG's fellow Koreans will be snatching them up for the time being.

[Via PC Joint]