Qritek intros iris-recognizing IRIBIO mouse

If a mouse with a built-in fingerprint reader isn't enough to calm your security concerns, you may want to give Qritek's latest peripheral some consideration, which ups the biometric game by packing its own iris scanner. Apparently, the company's IRIBIO mouse can not only be used to control acccess to a PC, but to specific files as well -- presumably, there's also some sort of software measures involved to prevent people from simply swapping out the mouse for less security-minded one. While it may have the biometric advantage over standard mice, it certainly doesn't stand out when it comes to other mouse features, boasting an unremarkable 600 dpi resolution along with the standard two buttons and a scroll wheel. Only the most cautious/paranoid need apply here through, as the cost for this particular extra piece of mind is a hefty ¥37,800, or $315.

[Via Plastic Bamboo]