Acer casts the first Gemstone, the Aspire 5920

Well, that must have been all the buzz Acer could take -- just a week after cryptically teasing the "Gemstone" concept and five days after "officially" unveiling the new design, it's announced the Core 2 Duo-powered Aspire 5920, the first machine to feature the new look. Acer's bizzare PR campaign notwithstanding, there's a lot here to distinguish the top-of-the-line 5920 from the rest of the thundering Santa Rosa herd: a 15.4-inch screen powered by 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M-GT graphics, Intel's Robson cache-to-flash technology, an HDMI port, an HD DVD drive, a DVB-T tuner, and Acer's Bluetooth VoIP phone, which charges when it's stored in the 5920's ExpressCard slot. No word on pricing or availability, but at the rate Acer's going, we wouldn't be surprised if they unveiled a new design concept to replace this one tomorrow.