Microsoft unveils limited edition Simpsons-themed Xbox 360

It may have taken forever for The Simpsons to reach the big screen, but it looks like Fox isn't wasting any time turning products yellow to tie-in with the movie, following up its Simpons-branded Samsung cellphone with a Homer-fied Xbox 360. Obsessive collectors could be in for a hard time tracking one of these down, however, as Microsoft's only producing 100 units to be given out at a series of special events and promotions. While they've gone all out with the branding, Microsoft has skimped on the console itself a bit, using the 20GB Xbox 360 Pro instead of the Elite. From the looks of it, you also won't be getting EA's just-announced Simpsons game with it, which, for a change, isn't actually based on the movie.

[Via Reg Hardware, thanks Ajv2809]